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Mistie Ibarra  

Chief Operating Officer

As COO and part owner of CCF Investments LLC, dba, Air Donkey Zipline and Horseshoe Springs Cabins, Mistie brings a world of knowledge and experience to the company.


Mistie is an ACCT certified Challenge Course Manager, who has been working in the industry since 1998. She has earned two Associate degrees, one in Criminal Justice and one in Liberal Arts.


Formally, she was the Director of Operations for Changing Course Foundation and managed various programs to include Outdoor Education, Summer Camp Staff training, camp challenge courses and Leadership programs. Currently, she sits on the Board of Directors of Changing Course as Secretary.


Mistie has an amazing husband and a beautiful daughter, who are the loves of her life. She also loves the outdoors and being a part of an organization that helps others.

Cathi Neal 

Chief Executive Officer

Cathi Neal, CEO of Changing Course Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that purchased the 102 acres where Air Donkey Zipline operates as a way to provide funding for the non-profit organization she founded in 2002.


Cathi has earned her BS in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology, her MS in Management with an emphasis in Change Leadership, and her PhD. in Clinical Christian Counseling.


She is an ACCT certified Challenge Course Manager with 20+ years in the Outdoor Adventure Industry.


Cathi founded Changing Course Foundation out of the desire to help others learn how to make life decisions that will lead to a fuller more satisfying life. She believes this venture will allow Changing Course to serve more people who are suffering from trauma and who struggle with the inability to make a decision that is healthy for them. You can view more of the programs that Changing Course Foundation offers at

Air Donkey Zipline Founders

A huge thank you to Steven and Rosalind Burrough the founders of Air Donkey Zipline for their belief in us to continue to provide clients with excellent service!


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